14 Feb

2017.2.14 Happy Valentine‘s Day!情人节快乐!




晚餐在Banh Mi Che Cali,一个越南餐馆,好吃又不贵。
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22 Apr

Personal Favorite Works of March.2016

A little bit late for a March review. But still better than nothing!! haha

I am trying something new since March. Instead of just my girl in the painting, I added more environment for her.

At the same time, I am slowing down my painting speed.

I don’t want to draw or paint just because of I want to be productive. I think quality of painting is very important too.

Put more emotion into my work and learn more new things from each painting.

It was full of joy to painting these girls.

Thank you for bringing me so so much fun.

lotus leaves missing home mountain

03 Mar

February artworks and some thoughts :)

Time flies!! February just past.

I looked back all these paintings/drawings. I realize how important to keep practicing everyday. Sometimes I get lazy and just want to chill out the day. Then the next day I will totally feel strange when I pick up my pencil. It doesn’t mean that I have to finish a full painting everyday. But maybe just do some simple sketches on the sketchbook or even on any random paper will be helpful.

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29 Jan

We will be together forever

we will be together forever

When I first came to the US I felt lonely.

I was shy and not really good at English.

It was hard to make new friends..

I remembered that I had a deeply desire to have a pet.

So when I came home she would welcome me and kept me company.

When I felt sad, she will comfort me with a fury palm.

Later I realized that nothing could comfort my heart except Him.

I was like a pet who needs to take care of.

A lot of things will fades away in this world by time.

But His love will not.

I still remembered he told me “Do not worry. I am here with you.”

Thank you God for standing next to me all the time.

There is no one else will be like you.

29 Jan

Look Forward for Adventure

look forward

This year is the sixth year since I came to the US.

A lot of things happened.

A lot of things changed.

There was difficult time made me cry.

And there was happy time made me smile.

All of these helped me grow stronger and get better.

I am so looking forward to see what will happen in this brand new year.

And keep wondering where God will lead me.